The "New (not like your granny’s) Mark 2 Perm"

I recently read an article that compared our hair to “grass”. We keep it hydrated to stop it from drying out, keep it regularly cut to maintain its shape.........and everyone else’s looks better!

If your hair is curly you’ve probably spent a small fortune on blow-outs and frizz-free products and when straight you’ve got the graveyard of curling devices and every roller ever invented at the back of a drawer. When your hair is short you spend months growing it out, and when long NOTHING is more appealing than cutting the whole lot off! In a nutshell - we’re never happy with our hair!

The look of the moment is all about texture and movement and when I look for inspiration for my guests there are many occasions that i think a few perm curlers here would make such a difference. Forget the hair raising disasters of the 80s - because the “New (not like your granny’s) Mark 2 Perm” is a much softer, more believable curl. Varying sized, randomly placed rods, bendy rollers or even braids can be used to create different texture whereas before, all the rods would be wound in uniform, in the same size which made it look an obvious perm.

Still not convinced? Technology has come a long way since the 80s and while the solutions haven’t changed that much our knowledge of hair is much more advanced and provided the hair is in good condition almost all hair types can be permed- but It's important to keep in mind that not all stylists today do perms, and because the process is so intensive, you don't want a stylist who doesn't do them on a regular basis. Call salons beforehand and ask if they have a perm specialist, book a consultation, and bring pictures of the look you want.



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